World Hanmadang Update

It is a great day for women’s power breaking! As most of you know we will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea next month to compete in the World Taekwondo Hanmadang. It was a battle to get a women’s power breaking division added to the world games. The primary argument against letting women compete was that there would be no interest, that women would not want to compete internationally. We were told it would be lucky to get 6 women in a division. Well.... the matches were just released for this year’s games and I am so proud to announce there are over 20 women who will be competing this year in the power breaking events!! Women from India, Malaysia, Korea, Iran and the USA will be competing. What an accomplishment as we head in to our last tournament of this 2016 competition season. Power breaking is scheduled for Saturday August 6th and we can’t wait!