Sloane Cameron Becomes First Ever Female Power Breaking World Champion

It is hard to put in to words what an amazing journey this has been. From discovering the World Hanmadang so many years ago to fighting and securing the right to compete there for the first time. Seeing the many women, from different countries, warming up and then representing for the first time ever in power breaking. The wide array of demo teams, from all over the world, perfectly showcasing the artistic side of Taekwondo; this journey has been incredible. I dare anyone who loves Taekwondo to go to the World Hanmadang and come back and not want to be a better martial artist. Taekwondo is being represented in the Olympics in Rio right now, but you just won't find the level of beauty, skill and just plain entertainment like you do at the World Hanmadang. It was an absolute honor to compete on the same stage as the athletes that attended this event. Accepting my gold medal at the closing ceremonies was the best, most surreal moment. Thank you to everyone who has followed us and supported this journey..... We are not done yet! Check out the video of the break below and keep following for more updates! 

World Hanmadang Update

It is a great day for women’s power breaking! As most of you know we will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea next month to compete in the World Taekwondo Hanmadang. It was a battle to get a women’s power breaking division added to the world games. The primary argument against letting women compete was that there would be no interest, that women would not want to compete internationally. We were told it would be lucky to get 6 women in a division. Well.... the matches were just released for this year’s games and I am so proud to announce there are over 20 women who will be competing this year in the power breaking events!! Women from India, Malaysia, Korea, Iran and the USA will be competing. What an accomplishment as we head in to our last tournament of this 2016 competition season. Power breaking is scheduled for Saturday August 6th and we can’t wait!

US Open Hanmadang Tournament Update!

We are just returning from an excellent weekend at the US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang! It was a great tournament with so many amazing stories. Sloane Cameron attempted to break her own world record but was not able to do so. Sloane also gave the keynote speech at this years opening ceremonies! Jackie Ehlers rocked this nine board break to take gold in her division!  We leave for the ISKA World Breaking Championships in less than three weeks. Stay tuned for more updates! 

We Did It!

It was just announced today in Seoul: Power breaking will have a women's division for the first time in history at the 2016 games! The focus of this website will now shift to promoting the sport of women's power breaking and encouraging female athletes to attend and compete in power breaking at the 2016 games. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Sloane Cameron Takes 5th at Worlds

What a huge couple of weeks for Women's Power Breaking!! Two weeks ago we attended the US Hanmadang and last weekend- the ISKA World Breaking Championships. It is such an honor to be able to compete at these elite level competitions. For those who don't know, this page was founded to raise awareness and change the fact that women are still not allowed to power break at the World Taekwondo Championships in Korea. Today, we stand closer to achieving that goal than ever before. Thank you to everyone for their help and support. Here is video of Sloane Cameron competing in the ISKA Men's 200lb and under division. She placed 5th out of 11 against some tough competition.